Monday, June 16, 2014

rising first grader

Eliza was lucky to have a fabulous kindergarten teacher, Ms Claire. I think Eliza still may be a little unclear that she'll have a different teacher in first grade. Luckily we can still go and visit Ms Claire down the hall, to say hi. We won't find out her first grade teacher until the day before school starts (Meet the Teacher Night).

first tooth fairy

I'm a bit belated in posting this, but Eliza lost her first tooth sometime last month. She asked me "Is the tooth fairy real or is it just something parents do?" I should have done the preschool teacher line and said, "What do you think?" but instead I said, "It's just something parents do." She seemed fine with that, although then the next day was telling me that some kids in her class were convincing her that the tooth fairy was real. Oh boy, I'm creating the kid who tells all the other kids that Santa is a lie! One girl said that she knows the tooth fairy is real because she put a glass of water on her window ledge and the next morning the water was purple (*Anna eye roll*). Anyways we forgot for two or three nights to sneak in and give Eliza money for her tooth so finally I just handed her a couple of dollars to put in her bank. Tooth fairy fail.

The day after she lost her tooth we told her school's office at drop-off and they gave her a little tooth shaped plastic necklace and they announced it during the morning announcements. Very sweet.

Monday, June 2, 2014

sister comfort

Eliza was acting crazy on Sunday morning and jumping around on our bed as we were getting ready for church and she slipped off the bed and bumped her funny bone. Her crying made Lucille cry too (making me think back to the story about baby Erica crying and then little Anna screaming "I don't want her to cry when I cry!"). Then both sisters snuggled together and comforted each other while Eliza used an ice pack on her elbow.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

to do list

I loved this to do list Eliza wrote the other day:
-turn music on for Eliza to dance
-hide and go seek
-tell stories about bear-da-bear land [making up stories about her stuffed animals]
-say I love you!!
-and other stuff

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


We had a one night camping adventure this weekend. The weather was amazing and it was lovely to chat and relax with some other families from church. As expected we didn't get a great night sleep, including a peepee emergency run to the bathroom from Eliza in the middle of the night and waking up to vomiting noises  from Eliza in the pre-dawn hours- poor girl probably ate too many s'mores the night before. I'm glad we did it but also glad that we decided on one night instead of all three nights.

Reading Charlotte's Web

S'mores girl.

Sunday, May 25, 2014


Lucille has the funniest scowl that she frequently puts on when she's wondering what we're up to or responding to someone or something that she's not sure of.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Happy First Birthday, Lucille!

We celebrated Lucille's birthday with dinner at my parents' with our doula, Alison. Seeing Alison again after a year really brought back memories of Lucille's birth and those early days.

Often in the morning or at the end of nap time we hear "chunk-a-chunk-a-chunk-a-chunk" before we hear Lucille call out, which is the sound of her pulling on the side of her crib to let us know she's awake.

We still struggle with sleeping through the night. We're trying a week or so trial with having Eliza sleep on a cot in the loft to let Lucille not be nursed in the middle of the night. It's a pain for all parties and I can't tell yet if it's making a difference, especially since Lucille currently has a bit of a cold and is therefore sometimes waking up many (many, many) times a night. Easter Sunday my parents watched the girls while Langdon and I napped and I may see if we can arrange that again this weekend!